Bang Holdings Corp. to Develop New and Innovative Technology Solutions for Emerging Cannabis Industry

Bang Holdings Corp. (OTC: BXNG), (the “Company’), a digital media and ad-tech company that services the cannabis industry, today announced that it will be developing new, state-of-the-art high technology solutions to the emerging multi-billion dollar and growing cannabis industry. The Company expects these new and creative innovations to be developed through Bang Technologies, Inc., a new and wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Bang Technologies, Inc. will specialize in developing innovative, creative and smartly engineered tech solutions for the cannabis industry, which we believe will not only create a new revenue stream, but also complement the work being performed by Bang Digital Media, another wholly owned subsidiary of Bang Holdings Corp.

“Bang Digital Media has already begun building its reputation through its initial success from its innovative social media ad-technology, while simultaneously making great strides in the exciting area of artificial intelligence (A.I.),” Steve Berke, Chief Executive Officer of Bang Holdings Corp. said. “Considering the significance of separating content creation and social media audience aggregation from our ongoing tech developments, we felt this was the ideal time to launch Bang Technologies, Inc. We are looking forward to the division’s initial development of its innovative solutions for the cannabis industry, potentially changing forever the way consumers purchase cannabis,” Mr. Berke continued.

Back in 2016, Forbes reported that Bang Holdings Corp. created the first A.I. personality, or Chatbot, to successfully sell product to unsuspecting humans via Facebook Messenger. Since then, the Company’s development team has been delving further into A.I., initially focusing on deep learning, a technique which teaches machines how to think like human beings.

“Bang Technologies is located at the cross-section of cannabis and artificial intelligence,” Mr. Berke said. “We are extremely excited about the prospects of announcing upcoming technological developments, which we believe will become invaluable to the cannabis industry and ultimately provide consumers and businesses with a unique and proprietary resource allowing them to make their purchases with confidence,” Mr. Berke concluded.

About Bang Holdings Corporation

Bang Holdings Corporation (OTCQB:BXNG), through its subsidiary Bang Digital Media, innovates and utilizes new Advertising-Technologies to help cannabis brands connect to cannabis consumers. Through their original content, digital channels, and influencer-based marketing platform, Bang Digital Media enables cannabis brands to bypass a restrictive mainstream advertising system to reach cannabis consumers directly. For more information, please visit our website.

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