About Us

With more than thirty years of combined experience, the Bang Digital Media team still has a passion for, and a commitment to, creating authentic and relatable content.

We’ve generated over 2,700,000 culturally appropriate social media followers, and more than 750,000,000 content views. *

Our philosophy is simple: Connect compatible brands to our enthusiastic family of cannabis consumers.

Meet the Team

Steve Berke, CEO
Steve Berke
Chief Executive Officer

A former professional tennis player, Berke graduated from Yale in 2003. He gained a massive social media following with his YouTube channel and political activism. One of the leading cannabis executives under 40, Berke has appeared on the front page of the New York Times, and Maxim Magazine, and has been covered by various media on all six continents. Outside of Snoop and Wiz, Berke has written and produced more viral cannabis videos than anyone in the world.

Adam Mutchler, CFO
Adam Mutchler
Chief Financial Officer

Mutchler graduated from Yale in 2002. He built the teams at the award winning VFX House, Zoic Studios and Video Game Giant, Blizzard Entertainment, before becoming a producer of viral videos, commercials and feature films. Mutchler recently produced Paramount Picture’s Film Ghost Team One. With Mutchler as an integral part of the team at Bang, original content has amassed over 700M views.

Angie Hargot, Social Media Director
Angie Hargot
Social Media Director

Angie represented the United States in crew while earning her degree in journalism. She earned her reporter chops with The Miami Herald, before becoming the Online Editor and then Managing Editor of the Miami SunPost. Angie is an expert cannabis Social Media Marketer, and the statistics of the channels run by Bang Digital Media show that her content creation and page management is always #awesome.

Lee Molloy, Chief of Marketing
Lee Molloy
Chief of Marketing

Molloy is an award winning journalist and communications specialist – with success as a theatre producer, newspaper publisher and political campaign manager. Along with writing and creating cannabis content, his media savvy has enhanced Bang Digital Media’s cannabis clients’ global narrative, and garnered marijuana friendly media hits on every continent.


The Bang Digital Media team is always available to answer your questions regarding our products and services, so please contact us today.