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Bang Holdings Corp. and its subsidiaries have identified opportunities in the marijuana industry that are not being fully capitalized upon. Ancillary services within the cannabis space, especially non-traditional and digital marketing, are expanding into a multi-billion dollar market – and Bang is becoming a leading provider of cannabis digital content and influencer-based marketing.

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  • Steve Berke – Chief Executive Officer
    A former professional tennis player, Berke graduated from Yale in 2003. He has gained a significant social media following with his musical parody videos and political activism. One of the leading cannabis activists and executives under 40, Berke has appeared on the front page of both the New York Times and Maxim Magazine, along with media worldwide.
  • Adam Mutchler – Chief Financial Officer
    Mutchler graduated from Yale in 2002. He built the Visual FX team at the award-winning VFX house Zoic Studios before becoming a producer of viral videos, commercials and feature films. Mutchler recently produced Paramount Picture’s film “Ghost Team One”

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