Bang Digital Media Network Subscribers Jumps Higher On 4/20 Launch; Total Subscribers More Than 700,000, Views Over 11.7 Million

Bang Holdings Corp. (OTCQB:BXNG), a digital advertising company that provides content and its influencer-based marketing network to the legal cannabis industry, today announced that since officially launching Bang Digital Media on 4/20 (April 20), its subscriber base has jumped by more than 40,000 to 705,247 in just three weeks. Driven by heavy traffic in those three weeks, the total number of network views topped 11.7 million.

Bang Digital Media (“BDM”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bang Holdings Corporation whose digital advertising network connects brands to cannabis enthusiasts. Its primary asset is its actively managed consortium of various social media-based channels spanning YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat and Facebook, among others. Nearly two years and more than $1 million in the making, BDM provides an unrivaled platform that enables advertisers to reach consumers of cannabis and cannabis-related products with a high degree of demographic specificity.

The advertising policies of Google, Yahoo and others massively restrict cannabis companies from advertising online and prevents mainstream corporations from targeting the cannabis market. With 68% of all Internet searches done through Google, this presents an enormous hurdle for legal cannabis companies to reach consumers. Bang Digital Media is a solution to this problem.

To ensure its growth, heavy repeat traffic and advertisement impressions, or page “views,” BDM is building a network of social media influencers that include entertainers, celebrities, professional athletes, industry experts, icons and others – from within and outside of the cannabis community — that are known to be of compelling interest to consumers of cannabis and cannabis-related products. The social media influencers themselves contribute content, commentary, photos, opinions, expertise, advice and video on a variety of cannabis-related topics – all of which are carefully woven throughout the expansive Bang Digital Media network to draw and grow the number of BDM subscribers.

Eyeballs, Subscribers and Views

Bang Holdings initially provided greater detail on its business model in its April 20 news announcement. With the industry’s leading digital media network, the next phase for BDM is to continue to invest in building the network as it now begins to sign-up and roll out its social media influencers across relevant sectors of its platform. Strengthening its content with popular and iconic influencers adds and reinforces its brand – and advertising — value.

The Company estimates that once it reaches two million subscribers it will have the brand, the reach, the ‘ad impressions’ and target demographic micro-segmentation capability that it will then monetize by allowing brands to sponsor content or advertise.

“In the digital media space, it’s all about the eyeballs,” Bang’s CEO and Founder Steve Berke said. “By continuing to attract new consumers to our network with shareable content, we are far along the path to being the undisputed resource for brands, cannabis or otherwise, seeking to reach an engaged cannabis-enthusiast audience.”

Berke thinks the time is right for the cannabis market to go digital.

“More than half of Americans live where marijuana is legal, either medicinally or recreationally,” Berke said. “This year marijuana is a $6 billion industry and analysts say it is expected to grow to over $30 billion by 2020. With that in mind, we are targeting two million subscribers by the second quarter of 2017, which should place us in a strong position to monetize soon thereafter.”

About Bang Holdings Corporation

Bang Holdings Corporation (OTCQB:BXNG), through its subsidiary Bang Digital Media, innovates and utilizes new Advertising-Technologies to help cannabis brands connect to cannabis consumers. Through their original content, digital channels, and influencer-based marketing platform, Bang Digital Media enables cannabis brands to bypass a restrictive mainstream advertising system to reach cannabis consumers directly. For more information, please visit our website.

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