International Church of Cannabis Set to Open On 4/20

Elevation Ministries — a Colorado-based religious org — announced the launch of the International Church of Cannabis, which will be a “spiritual home to adults who seek to become the best version of themselves” … with bud.

Congregation members call themselves Elevationists, and their mission statement sounds right on point: deepening and accelerating one’s spiritual journey of self-discovery. Again, with bud.

One more nug … the chapel is 113 years old and was recently renovated with paintwork from Kenny Scharf — who’s featured at the Guggenheim. So, it’s a classy joint, if you will.

2 Chainz is going to be in town that weekend, and we’re told the church is hoping he comes to worship. Chances are high, we’re thinking.

Let the choir sing … Puff, puff, pass. Amen.

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